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Montrealers Uniting to Help Homeless People

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Uniting to Help the Homeless

Angels of Mercy is a registered charitable organization that operates yearly from November to May. The Angels of Mercy's goal is to provide healthy meals and warm clothing to the homeless people of Montreal by volunteering, donating supplies, and partnering with local organizations. 

St. Michael's Mission and Angels of Mercy

In order to provide food and clothing during the COVID pandemic, the Angels of Mercy has joined forces with St. Michael's Mission in the core of urban Montreal. Our team prepares food, gathers clothing, and volunteers their time alongside the St Michael's staff to ensure that no homeless person is without access to support during difficult times. 

Moving our services to tap into and support the St. Michael's Mission means that we are able to effectively and safely continue providing food to the homeless without exposing them to COVID health risks. 

To learn more about St. Michael's Mission, visit them online here.



Make a Difference for Montreal’s Homeless

Donate to a Good Cause

Your donations buy food and supplies for our homeless friends. Your kindness and generosity is appreciated!

Get Involved

Make a real difference by donating your time to feed and clothe homeless people in Montreal. We have volunteer opportunities and we can connect you with volunteering at the Mission.

Our Corporate Partners

Our partners make our mission possible through their sponsorship.

Making a Difference Together 

The Angels of Mercy volunteers believe that this appreciation gives them a heartwarming sensation through providing happiness to another human being. Homeless people in Montreal appreciate the love and effort that the Angels of Mercy volunteers have to offer. They feel compassion, trust and reassurance that everything will be alright. 

HubSpot Video

Check out the amazing fundraising done for Angels of Mercy from FACE high school students. News clip courtesy Global News

angels-of-mercy-feed-homeless-montrealFrom November to May, the Angels of Mercy volunteers prepare sandwiches and collect clothing donations and head to the St Michael's Mission in the heart of downtown Montreal to help those in need and support local organizations in their projects to help the impoverished. Your generous donations of time, food, clothing, or money help us provide the homeless of Montreal with hot food, hygiene kits, winter clothing, and much more. 

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