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Lend a Helping Hand of Mercy

Volunteer in Montreal - Make a Difference in Someone's Life

At Angels of Mercy, we care for those that lost hope. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves and thinking about the homeless people’s needs before our own are the main characteristics of our non-profit organization.

Angels of Mercy has volunteer opportunities both within our team and we can facilitate your volunteerism with our partners at St. Michael's Mission. 


Volunteer Work in Montreal: How to Get Involved

Angels of Mercy is completely volunteer-run, and we are always looking for new people to join the team.  Contact us at aom.montreal@gmail.com or use the form below.

Join Angels of Mercy

Become Someone's Angel

Angels of Mercy is always looking for compassionate people to join our teams of angels.  We can find a way for you to contribute no matter what your skills and passions are - all you need is a desire to help your fellow human. There are several teams you can join if you want to get involved, make friends, and give hope to the less fortunate:


  • Sandwich maker - prepare fresh sandwiches that can be distributed at St. Michael's Mission. If you're in the West Island we can even deliver them for you.  
  • Soup maker - cook warm, nourishing soup at the Mission.
  • Distributor - meet the people we serve and distribute food & clothes. If you're interested in being a distributor we will connect you to our partners at St. Michael's Mission.
  • Clothing sorter - help us sort through the many donations we receive.

Sign Up to Volunteer

Here is where it begins - fill out the volunteer form below:

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