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Meet Catherine Lemieux, our Founder

How Angels of Mercy Began

Catherine Lemieux is the founder of our organization and the original angel of mercy. Our charitable organization was created when Catherine was inspired by a news story about the plight of Montreal’s homeless. She was moved to make a pot of soup and head downtown to spread some warmth, nutrition, and compassion. It was this first act of selfless giving that sparked the Angels of Mercy’s mission.

That one pot of soup slowly grew into soup and sandwiches delivered by three volunteers each month… by 2009 Catherine was leading a crew that served 60+ persons on a weekly basis, and by 2018 there are over one hundred volunteers who help feed the homeless.

Catherine is regarded as an inspiration by the volunteers, homeless community, and our corporate sponsors. Her leadership and vision have touched the lives of thousands of Montrealers over the past decade.

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