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Reviving Hope Through Your Generosity

Your donation makes a world of difference to struggling Montrealers.

In the winter months, when food and warmth is needed most, the Angels of Mercy gather in the heart of Montreal to provide donated food, clothing, and hygiene items to those in need. 

When Angels of Mercy began, years ago, we would set up tables in the parks with pots of soup, sandwiches, energy bars, juice boxes and clothing. On our way downtown, we put together 100+ lunch bags - a healthy donation to Montreal’s homeless people

Today things look a little different and in order to continue our services during the challenges of a pandemic, we are partnering with St. Michael's Mission to ensure all donations reach Montreal's homeless safely and effectively.

None of this would be possible without the generous contributions of our kind donors. If you wish to donate and bring happiness to those that desperately need assistance in Montreal, you can donate online and make a real difference.

We thank you in advance for your compassion & generosity.

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